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Sweet September

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

September Newsletter 2020. Page 1 Part 1

As we get closer and closer to approval from the IRS for a non-profit status we are hard at work preparing for the day where we can finally say 'Yes!' to an animal in need. This of course means that we will need donations and volunteers!

If you're an animal owner, chances are you have something lying around that you intend to throw away, do you think you could donate it instead? If you have items that you're able to donate reach out to us and we will arrange to come pick them up from you! Any item can be of help to us and our future animals in need.

Volunteers are crucial to our success! If you're interested in volunteering, let us know! Our website launches in a few weeks and we will have a volunteer form available there. In the mean time, just shoot us a message via social media and we can get you put into the volunteer system!  Remember, there is a place for everyone at Roscoe Rescues! We want to be the rescue organization that allows you to participate and help regardless of your living situation, financial situation, or current pet situation, we can all work together to save animals in need!

A few weeks ago someone asked me, not for the first time, "how does Roscoe rescue?" Each time I was caught off guard, I felt like everyone just knew... which is obviously ridiculous lol. So join us throughout the next... well however long it takes, for Roscoe to tell his story. You'll find the story of Stella already posted here. Stay tuned for more!

Lastly on page 1 of the newsletter is the animal videos. RR is working hard at promoting ourselves and our best way to reach others is by word of mouth. That means you! So we want your cute animal videos as part of a promotional video we have in the works. Is your pet a star??

Short and sweet today guys. Thanks for listening!


The following is a list of donations items that we will need for our future animals!

Types of donations needed are:

Towels/ blankets

Collapsible crates

Small airplane carriers

Dog & Cat food

Cat Litter/ Litter boxers

Cat Trees

Poop Bags

Flea & Tick medication

Puppy Pads

Dog Toys/ Chews

Dog Brushes

Collars & leashes

Maybe you want to gift us with something we can use to raise money for the rescue. That would be wonderful too!! We can use donation gift items for future fundraisers and giveaways!


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