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Please read through the adoption/ foster standards before filling out an application. The applications for fosters and adopters is the same. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask. Exceptions may be considered.


Regardless of age or breed, our dog adoption fee is $300. Our cat adoption fee, regardless of age or breed, is $250. Virtually all of our animals come into rescues in need of veterinary care. Purebred animals are infamous for their health issues and we will only adopt out animals that are healthy or have their conditions managed. All animals adopted out will be up to date on vaccines, microchipped and spayed/neutered.

ISO Adoptions require a retainer fee of $150.

Adoptions out of state will require an additional fee to cover the Health Certificate varied based on state requirements.


In order to be considered a potential adopter or foster, all animals in your home must be up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.


RR requires most puppies and some high every adult dogs to live in a home with a fenced in yard. Exercising a dog is crucial to its physical and mental development as off leash play is how a puppy learns appropriate social behavior and how they can participate in training. Homes without a fence/apartments are considered on a case by case basis. Electric fences are not acceptable.


RR will adopt adult animals to anywhere in the continental United States permitting there are enough approved volunteers to make the transport happen and there is a RR rep near you. However, young puppies under six months will not likely be approved for long transports, it can be very unsafe for them and we prefer to keep them closer to home.


All animals adopted from RR will be fixed before the adoption is complete. However, we understand the need for an animal to grow properly before undergoing this type of procedure. Animals under nine (9) months will be rehomed as a 'foster to adopt', meaning they will be able to live with an approved adopter as an unaltered animal while remaining property of RR. Foster to adopts will check in once a month until fixed and are subject to occasional home visits to check on the animal. Once the animal reaches nine months of age, RR will provide up to $85 reimbursement of your unaltered animal deposit towards the animal being altered. (This is done upon request, and RR is happy to help you find a low cost clinic near you!) After the animal is safely home and fixed, the adoption process can be complete. If at any time there is suspect that the animal has been used to procreate, RR has the right to reclaim the animal.


Our goal is to adopt dogs out as loved family members. You will be responsible for their well being. We will not adopt a dog as an outdoor dog. We will not likely adopt a dog as an indoor/outdoor dog. We understand there are cases where a dog thrives from appropriate time spent outside.


Our goal is to adopt dogs out as loved family members. We encourage the adoption of animals to homes that will cater to a dogs strong skills, allowing them to work as they were bred to. However, these animals are still to be pets, sleeping comfortably inside with their family each night.


We will not declaw a cat. Final adoption paperwork will include a clause stating that you agree to the same. See our Education tab for more info on declawing cats.


Our goal is to adopt cats out as loved family members. You will be responsible for their well being. We will not likely adopt to someone intending for a cat to be indoor/outdoor. We understand there are cases where a cat may thrive outdoors.

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If you are ISO a specific animal please contact RR from the HOME page.

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Your next family member is out there, are you ready?

Please note that this application may take some time to fill out so it's best done when you have a few minutes to spare, like when you're waiting for the oven to get hot enough for your frozen pizza

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