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The below testimonials are from pet owners who have dealt directly with RR founders while looking to adopt. The animals adopted were fosters of rescue organizations not affiliated with RR.

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The below pets were rescued by the Roscoe Rescues team. We then found their forever homes by hand selecting from applicants and adopted to their forever families, their parents.

Just the way Roscoe would have done it. 

Good job pups. You will always be a part of the Roscoe Rescues family. We love you.

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The below testimonials are from pet owners who have dealt directly with RR founders while looking to adopt. The animals adopted were fosters of rescue organizations not affiliated with RR.

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"I am so grateful to Crisee for helping with my Foster Ruby. Ruby is a Rottweiler and looks very intimidating and at first I was afraid of her, but Crisee’s interaction with her and showing me that she was friendly and how to be the alpha was so unbelievably helpful. Crisee is amazing with dogs and a wonderful human for helping so many of them! Now Ruby is my forever pup thanks to her!"

Brandi MacLaren


Crisee was Dexter’s foster mom and Roscoe was Dexter’s foster brother in 2013.  This is where Dexter learned about love and trust.  Dexter came to live with me and my two young boys in early 2013, and he has been a part of our family ever since.  Dex is a loving, loyal rescue, and he adores his boys (2 humans and 1 other Rottweiler).  In the morning, I always ask him “where’s your boy?”, and he will jump in my son’s bed to wake him.  We cannot imagine life without Dexter.  We are so grateful for Crisee and Roscoe for taking Dexter in, fostering him, and preparing him for life with all of us.

Stephanie Smith


It is with extreme pleasure that I highly recommend working with Roscoe’s Rescues to adopt a dog. Our family worked directly with Crisee after she found Nash on the side of the road. We adopted her over 3 years ago and Crisee was excellent to work with!
Throughout the process Crisee was very thorough and asked our family a series of questions to help get to know us, and identify the home/culture that Nash was to live in. I found her level or interest and true love for Nash shining though every question. It’s without question that she is tremendously passionate about the dogs she cares for and what type of family environment they will live in.
I've seen Crisee interact with animals in a positive way many times and she has heartfelt love about what she does. I highly recommend using Roscoe’s Rescue if you are looking to adopt a dog.

Julie Ellinger


We adopted our dog, Elly, a rottweiler mix, in August 2019. Our whole family fell in love with her at first sight. She was six months old and already was potty trained and knew basic commands such as sit and stay. It was immediately obvious how loved she had been during her fostering and showed the same love in return, even six months after she had been adopted when Crisee came to visit.

Our interactions with Crisee have been and continue to be wonderful. She still checks up on Elly, asking for updates and her well being. She has provided us with photos of Elly when she was in her care as a puppy. It is obvious how much she loves her foster animals and we would only want to adopt from her rescue in the future!

Sarah Morgan & Family


So, it all started in November of 2017 when my beloved Rottie (Duley Bug) passed over the rainbow bridge to be with his older brother. About 3 weeks went by and Duley’s younger brother Clyde was very upset and lonely.
I started my search for the perfect companion for Clyde. Then one day, I came across the cutest picture of a puppy (6 months) in Tennessee. Arnold, like for real, is that not the cutest name to go with the cutest puppy?

I reached out the rescue and inquired about Arnold. After some (a lot) of interviews, paperwork and home checks, I was able to speak with Arnold’s foster mom, Crisee Estrada. She was the sweetest person and was able to answer all questions and give me the background on Arnold. 

It took awhile but finally we got the call that we were approved for Arnold. Turns out another family has been chosen for Arnold but Crisee stepped in when they admitted their senior dog wasn't mobile, she wanted Arnold to have a playmate, something he'd had in her home. She felt it was crucial to his well being and insisted that they match the other home with a dog more suited to their senior dogs needs. I could not have been happier when we got the call that we were that family!
I had offered to meet Crisee half way between Louisville KY and Nashville TN, but she really wanted to drive Arnold here herself (with beautiful Roscoe) to see where Arnold would live. It was a great day.
Arnold was the cutest, crazy puppy, and he and Clyde loved each other at first sight. When they finally went inside,  Arnold walked in the house like he owned it and immediately began playing with Clyde and laying on the back of the sofa (like Clyde does). That was January 2018. One of the greatest moments of that day was getting to meet Crisee and Roscoe. That was January 2018.

Crisee has returned here a few times to see Arnold and give him loves. I also have traveled to Nashville to see Crisee. A truly lovely girl with the biggest heart for rescue, who does awesome rescue. I am so happy that we met and stay in touch.

Today, in 2020, Arnie and Clyde are the best of buddies. Sometimes Arnie can be a little bit of bully brother, but Clyde just takes it in stride. I could not imagine my life without Arnold. I thank Crisee for her kind words and selecting us for his best family. She truly is a blessing.
Please support Roscoe Rescues if you can.

Missy Winstead


We adopted Copper from Crisee, and couldn’t be more pleased. Copper is a bouncy, energetic, sweet boy. He was fully potty-trained when we got him, and he’s so well-behaved that we don’t ever have to worry about leaving him alone (which we very rarely do!). He doesn’t touch plants, pillows, clothes or shoes, and stays put when the front door opens. Essentially, Copper was pretty near-perfect when we first got him, and has only improved since! Thanks, Crisee!

Sam Kirn

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