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Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of purebred dogs and cats and empowering communities through education to proudly and responsibly adopt their purebred animals.

Vision Statement: To change the face of rescue and ultimately eliminate the demand for puppy mills, hoarders, and irresponsible breeders. 

We intend to be the resource that allows responsible pet owners to easily attain their dream dog or cat through rescue. To save the lives of the purebred animals in rescue that fly under the radar and rehome them to the family that has been dreaming about them and vice versa. 

Everyone picks their pets based on the way they look, and that's ok! Often, people find that their dream animal isn't easily accessible, so Roscoe Rescues is here to change that.

We will give the public the opportunity to contribute to the solution of homeless dogs and cats and to allow them the means of avoiding puppy mills, hoarders and irresponsible breeders.

Our Mission: About Us
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