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Knowing who you stand behind matters

Who/What is Roscoe Rescues?

It's a verb. Roscoe the rescue dog always rescued. So in his name, that's what we do.

Roscoe Rescues in a 501(c)3 non profit organization. 

Meet our team above by clicking on About > Meet The Team!

What Makes An Animal From Roscoe Rescues A Purebred?

People pick animals based on the way they look, whether you're into a floppy eared short snouted mutt or a traditional looking purebred, looks are where the search for an animal starts. All Roscoe Rescues animals fit a certain look, they are what people are looking for in a purebred animal. Some of our animals come with papers, often owner surrenders have papers, however, we have many animals that come to us without papers, as long as they fit a certain criteria of physical appearance, we consider them a purebred.

What If You Want A Mutt? 

At RR we LOVE mutts. We like to think of our services as a form of match-making. If you've got a mutt on your mind, let us know! When you're ready to adopt, fill out an application as an ISO (in search of) and let us know what magnificent mutt you're in the market for!

Where Do Roscoe Rescues Animals Come From? 

Our animals come from animal shelters across the country, other animal rescue organizations, and individuals who must surrender their pet. We will not pay an individual or breeder, nor do we pay for animals from auction.

Whats With the DNA Logo?

Designed by our friend and supporter, Amanda, our DNA logo dog and cat represent the mission behind Roscoe Rescues. Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of purebred dogs and cats and empowering communities through education to proudly and responsibly adopt their purebred animals. We just want to give the people what they want. And what they want is purebred animals. We make it possible. Without breeding.

What If I Need Help?

Whether you need help being the best pet guardian possible, or you know of an animal (dog or cat) that Roscoe Rescues can really help our RESOURCES tab will give you information on how to keep your pets in your home, or how to get them into the Roscoe Rescues program.

Hopefully knowing these things will help you get an idea of what, as a company, we aim to do.  So besides animals, who are we?


Roscoe Rescues Believes In Living Green

A greener life means we are friends of the earth and have a smaller carbon footprint. Being green isn't about being perfect, it's about being aware. We do our best each day to reuse and reduce, every little bit counts. We've done our best to ditch plastic water bottles, single use straws and single use plastic bags (except for dog poop...). We also significantly reduce our intake of meat and dairy. While we don't require our volunteers to adhere to the same green living, we always do our part to suggest the small changes that can make a big difference.

We Support Local

While it can be hard to escape corporate American in this world, we do our best to shop and support local businesses. As three young women starting a small business we understand how important it is to support local. We believe that putting money back into the community is the way for it to thrive and we have made small switches in our daily lives such as dining at local restaurants, shopping at small businesses and staying away from large conglomerates when possible.

We Believe In Equality. 

One of the things we love about animals is their unconditional love. We follow in their paw prints and we believe in love. No matter a persons race, religion, gender, origin, disability or anything else we believe it is what inside that matters. We stand behind the people of the world who are not treated equally. You matter. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Mental Illness Awareness.

Something that is close to the hearts of our founders and goes hand in hand with equality is our belief in understanding mental illness. One of the most awe inspiring things about animals is the impact they have on a persons mental health. We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health and encourage exploring the aid of animals in the fight against mental illness. We stand behind those suffering and hope to integrate a mental health program into our rescue in the future.

About the Company: About Us
Looking to connect?

If you're interested in adoption, or you're potentially interested in adoption, the BEST thing you can do is fill out an application. It's a requirement, and once we have it we can connect and answer your questions! This is the quickest way to get a response. Thanks!

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