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Roscoe Rescues: Jack & Charlee

Updated: Mar 27, 2021


Jack & Charlee are our bonded pair of beautiful Aussies! Charlee, four years old, is a girl and the oldest, and Jack is a boy and only 2 years old.

In the mean time. Enjoy this bio from Jack & Charlees foster dad!

  • Are they good with kids?

  • I haven’t exposed them to children, but the previous owners said they were good with them (they met my coworkers kid, he was very loud and it seemed to make Charlee a little nervous but neither one acted aggressive and mostly ignored him)

  • Are they good with other dogs?

  • They haven’t had prolonged exposure to many dogs with me, but they seemed more curious than aggressive with the few limited interactions they’ve had

  • Cats?

  • No exposure to cats

  • Do they have a fear of any kind of people? Men, women, etc.

  • No

  • How do they ride in the car?

  • Haven’t had Charlee in the car, but Jack was comfortable, he couldn’t decide if he wanted to ride in the front seat or the back seat

  • How barky are they?

  • They bark at foot traffic, and people entering. They also will occasionally get caught up with another dog barking in the distance.

  • Do they freak out over anything? Like the vacuum?

  • They seem unaffected by most things except new people entering their line of site

  • Are they big eaters? Or picky? What kind of eating schedule are they on, if any?

  • Neither are picky, Jack is a faster eater and will try to eat Charlee’s food once his bowl is empty, but neither are food aggressive. They eat twice a day

  • Have they gotten a bath? How did it go?

  • I haven't given them a bath yet.

  • How about thunderstorms? Have they experienced this yet?

  • They appear to be unaffected by thunder

  • Do they have any naughty habits we need to work on?

  • Jack has a bad habit of jumping on furniture and the counter, they both struggle with trying to get into rooms they know they aren’t allowed in. Charlee will jump on you to greet you

  • Is the crate a safe space?

  • They enjoy their crates when the door is left open, once you close it and begin to walk away they will cry (they have been getting better about this, less crying when I leave for work.)

  • Are they on a consistent schedule for potty?

  • They have some consistency, yes

  • Have they been to a vet yet? What did they vet say about them?

  • Jack has, they said he is healthy and energetic. Charlee will be next week

  • Have you seen any aggressive behavior, and if so, when and why?

  • No aggressive behavior, just protective behavior like barking when people first come in the door.

  • What frightens them?

  • Nothing I know of

  • How well are they responding to training and commands?

  • They know their basic commands, but struggle to listen to you the first time you give a command

  • How much daily exercise seems to appease them?

  • As much as possible! They are very active and love to run

  • How well do they walk on the leash?

  • They do tug, and will let you know where they want to go, but will ultimately follow your direction

  • What kind of family do you think is a perfect fit for them?

  • An active family that can give them a lot of time and attention, they are very affectionate and love being around people!

  • What is their favorite game to play?

  • Jacks favorite game is, “take the toy from Charlee” Charlee doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much as him

  • Have they been in a crowd? How did they do?

  • They have not


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