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Roscoe Rescues: Ranger

The day after Valentines Day we got a surrender application that broke our hearts. Not like in an awful 'poor dog' way, but in an 'awww, we have to help!' way.

Ranger the dog was 'adopted' off Craigslist - Disclaimer: Roscoe Rescues does NOT condone getting animals off Craigslist. Ranger was lucky, most animals from Craigslist are not. - and his dad was struggling with him. Not because Ranger was a naughty dog, in fact, he was near perfect, and it was this perfection that made his dad realize that Ranger was not getting what he deserved. This man had had good intentions and when he took from the Craigslist ad, he wanted a buddy, but he had not anticipated what that really meant. Ranger is a smaller dog, only 55lbs and a Labrador Retriever mix. He looks near picture perfect to a Labrador, but he's pocket sized and his tongue has big black spots on it so he's a some kind of something mix for sure, but I digress.

Rangers dad worked a lot, he lived in a high rise in downtown Nashville and after several months together, despite Rangers near perfection attitude, he knew that Ranger was not happy. Ranger deserved to run, he deserved to play, to have someone with him, to have a big family. I'm not sure why his dad chose rescue when he'd gotten Ranger from Craigslist, but I like to think it's because he realized that Craigslist is NOT a good place to rehome a dog, and wanted to put Rangers future in the hands of people who would take the time to properly place him. Anyway. That's what happened.

Ranger was an angel, we all knew this, and we had several applicants lined looking for a dog just like Ranger. So just a few days later we drove downtown to meet Ranger and his dad. We met the two downtown, outside of his dad apartment complex. The man walked out with a blue retractable leash in one hand and an opened bag of Beggin' Strips in his other. Ranger trotted beside him, a ball of dark black fur, a smile on his face. When the two came out Ranger was everything we knew he would be. He was friendly, sweet, affectionate, the whole sha-bang. We went through all the awful motions of filling out paperwork and kindly reminding his dad that he was doing the right thing. Ranger had no other belongings, his dad said he ate out of plastic wear and slept on the human furniture. He didn't have toys and he didn't have any leftover dog food. All this to say though, it was quite clear to us that Ranger was loved and that Ranger loved back.

His dad said his goodbyes, his eyes welling up and with that we had no other choice but to leave with this mans dog. Owner surrenders are always hard.

Ranger came with me for a few days. The girls and I had his foster (foster to adopt!!) lined up and had scheduled his pick up for a few days later, but in the mean time, the two of us were going to be buddies.

He was every bit as great as his dad said he was. Ranger was sweet, fun, affectionate, smart, energetic, everything. He was good with another dog that came by my house one day, he was sweet with strangers, and he was picking up on his manners. I felt very good about his future home and knew we had made the right decision to bring this Magnificent Mutt into rescue and that his foster to adopt family would be in love instantly.

Well, we were right. On day 30 of his foster-to-adopt 'trial' his family couldn't be more excited to sign the papers. Ranger now lives with his family in the countryside of Pegram, TN where he spends his days playing with his big sister Ellie (a hound mix) and spends all day long getting belly rubs and cuddling with his forever mom and dad.

Good boy Ranger. We're so happy for all of you!

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