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Foster families save lives. This is the safe place where an animal can live and thrive until they find their forever family. Fosters are committed to the well being of an animal and raise them as their own. They mold our animals into well mannered pets, allowing them to flourish in a home prior to being adopted.

Foster families accept the challenge of bringing home a pet that may need help adjusting. Sometimes we have a background on our pets, but we don't always know how they are with people or other animals. Fosters are up for the challenge. Fosters. Save. Lives.

Fostering a dog or cat is a huge commitment, some animals stay with their fosters for a month, others for four months, a year or more. Our goal is to have our animals cared for until they are adopted, however long that may be.


Being a foster family is easier than it sounds, but it is still not something that is to be taken lightly. Be honest about what you're willing to take on and the level of commitment you can make. We will match you with an animal that meets your experience level!


Having a homeless animal come into a home can be an adjustment. It takes time for your foster to get acclimated. Once they do however, enjoy watching your house guest grow and flourish. You are setting the foundation for their future as a forever pet!


RR will help guide you through this! We know you are all working hard to get to know a dog, and with that comes obstacles. We are here to talk you through behavior adjustments, learning new techniques and analyzing why exactly Buddy wont listen when you ask him to get off the couch.


When a potential match is found YOU will be a part of the process since you know your house guest the best! Your opinion matters. This is an opportunity to blab about what a wonderful animal you've got staying with you. Talk about their likes and dislikes and see if the potential family would make a good fit or not. Honestly, who doesn't want to brag about their pets?


Saying goodbye to a foster animal is the hardest, yet the best part.  You have raised a well rounded pet who has the tools for success in their future home, making a match that will likely last a lifetime. We couldn't do it without you! And even better, there is now room is your home to save another life. How many lives will you save?

QUESTION: Why would foster to adopt NOT work for me?

Foster animals don't have a background for us to work with. While we have an idea of what they're like, we can't say for sure until an RR team member assess them (by fostering them in their home). This may not be an option for your home if you have a large family at home (kids and people) and are uncertain about the time you may be able to commit to letting the dog flourish in your home. The dog may not like kids, the dog may not like cats, or other dogs. To foster an animal, you must either have experience with dog behavior or have the resources to commit to training and assessing an animal.

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