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Seasons May Change

Guys is fall really here? I bet we get another heat wave before the cold is here to stay. Either way, I'm here for it. I think we can all agree that this summer wasn't really the summer we all expected and there are lots of normal summer things we didn't get to do and it would be dope to get an extra week of hot summer sun and pool hangs before the fall really settled in, but I had a latte on the porch the other day early in the morning and the cool breeze felt damn near perfect.

So assuming we really are in fall now, what does that mean for everyone? What about the pandemic? The pandemic isn't going anywhere (wear your damn masks!) but businesses are now entering a totally new season and, just like the rest of the year, this season will be unlike any other. I personally am wondering what Black Friday has in store for the country. I've heard a lot of businesses announce that they'll be closed thanksgiving day (I support that!), but even if all companies did that.. what about the next day. The day that's famous for people trampling each other to get the best doorbuster deal on TVs and laptops (That's gonna be me.... I NEED a new computer) And what about before that. Are there going to be giant epic Halloween parties? Amy is REALLY itching to throw one, but we're kind of between a rock and a hard place here....

And after. Are companies going to have Christmas parties? Are many companies going to be able to even afford Christmas parties? Will employees get their end of the year bonus?

Things are very unsure right now, but I maintain what I've been saying from the start. I'm just worried about right here, right now, my world. I'm taking things one day at a time. And today that means drinking a cup of coffee with the back patio door open and a breeze on Roscoe's face and later going for a nice long walk with Mason, the dog I walk. And for now, that's enough.


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