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Roscoe Rescues: Thor

Rescuing Thor wasn't a cut and dry situation. While it wasn't sticky per say, it was odd. I personally didn't get the application on my desk till it had already been passed around a few times.

Initially, Thor was an application in our intake box. Someone who had had him for a few days was 'surrendering' him. I was like "Whoa. What happened there?" Then an application for foster came through a different name wanting to foster Thor. How did they even hear about him? Who is this person? What is happening to poor Thor!

Then, on top of that, the name on the application didn't match the name of the person who signed the application. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Needless to say I was confused. Now remember, this is when it came across MY desk. Turns out, prior to all this, Amy had been in touch with these folks about Thor.

After cluing me in, it turns out that Thor was owned by a person that didn't care for him. Not that he was awful to him, but he didn't take care of Thor or the other Pitty he had. The owners family knew this and had been doing their best to care for the dogs when possible, but the owner themselves wasn't interested, and from my understanding, not able. The family had been trying to get the owner to surrender the dogs for awhile and after far too long of pleading, the owner agreed.

From here the family sprang to action. They got Thor to the vet and brought him home with them. They already had several dogs of their own, cats, and a large family, so they knew keeping Thor wasn't in the cards. So the family and their friends worked together to get Thor into rescue. Long story short.... we were excited to call Thor family just a short while later.

Sweet Thor has been doing so well in foster! At first he was very timid, he's always liked people, but he hasn't known too many in his life living in a yard; just the family that took turns taking care of him while he lived with his previous owner. And now, he's met many new people, lives in warm, quiet home, and he is loving and trusting, his new lease on life!

Thor is not yet available for adoption.

Thor has been fully vetted and neutered. Unfortunately, Thor is heartworm positive. This is common in dogs in the south in general, more common when they live outside. We are currently raising funds to help with Thors treatment. He's come so far from his prior life and we cannot wait to make his heart healthy, and happy.

Welcome to the family Thor. We're so lucky to be able to care for you.


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