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Roscoe Rescues: Luigi

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The last we heard from Roscoe, he was telling us all the story of his life and the animals he rescued along the way. When Roscoe left us in October I decided I'd continue to share his story regardless as he wrote it all down before he left.

But today, I'm going to skip ahead to real time. Real time as in Wednesday. This past Wednesday Jaimie got in the car and drove to Huntsville, AL to pick up the very first ever Roscoe Rescues dog, a miniature Bull Terrier.

Last week I was scouring the internet, as always (I'm addicted to my phone guys, its bad... but its my business.... and that's an excuse... I dunno. Anyway!) I can across a bull terrier not too far from Nashville. We've had a lot of applications flowing in, and while we were working through them we didn't have anyone fully approved quite yet and the little dude was said to have a few potential behavioral issues. I couldn't stop thinking about him and two days later I was texting with the girls about the bull terrier when Amy came across another one, a mini! I don't know why, but suddenly we sprang into action. We were reaching out to both shelters, calling all the references, setting up phone interviews and suddenly we had our very first approved foster. Grace works with animals and not only does she have experience with dogs with behavioral issues but she just has a way with animals. Her intuition is there and she has the spark and drive to help animals in need AND her references all had the greatest things to say about her. So she was in! We we did all the emails and the phone calls and the informational bologna and we had our appointment to pick up the miniature bull terrier Wednesday afternoon.

I was in the truck, driving, as per us, and Jaimie was on her ways to Huntsville. Oddly enough I was driving the same exact route as her at the same time, I kept looking around in case I saw her car lol.

As I drove I thought about Roscoe's very first rescue, Stella. (You'll find her story back a few months in the blog.) This was Jaimie's first pull and I had all memories flooding back to me. Pulling into the lot that cold, damp November day of the crummy run down shelter. Roscoe waited in the car while I went into the shelter and the staff lead me through the concrete building to the dirty back kennels where a skeleton of a dog slowly looked up at me. We met Roscoe outside in the lot and after letting them say hello I had to physically lift her, one long limb at a time, into the back seat of my car. Roscoe sat up front with me and just like that we were animal rescuers.

So on Wednesday, I was excited for Jaimie, knowing this experience was going to be unlike anything she'd ever done before.

Wednesday night we got on our video call for our usual meeting and Jaimie told us all about our first foster dog. We'd been texting about our name for our first guy and while I couldn't come up with something, I had my mind set on naming him something meaningful and strong, like a name that meant "first of many" in Greek or something. Amy said Luigi.... and I didn't ask why really but we loved it and all of a sudden, the pups name was Luigi.

Luigi is now living with Grace as an only pet and so far things have been incredible so far. Luigi wasn't doing very well in the shelter and has spent the last few nights cuddled up with Grace learning to trust.

Luigi was surrendered for euthanasia to the shelter. We're working on properly evaluating him and he will be in foster for at least 30 days before we begin considering adoptive homes for him. At the moment we are not sharing any more information on Luigi until we have given him more time. If you're interested in a Bull Terrier, please fill out an application today! We can still move forward with processing your app. Once we've gotten to know Luigi we'll start working to match him to an adoptive home!

I'll try to get on here more and tell more Roscoe stories. He's got so much more to tell and I think everyone should know the stories of how Roscoe rescues.



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