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Roscoe Rescues: Lola

This past week Roscoe Rescues got our very first Magnificent Mutt. This is such an exciting time for us, we're having so many firsts. Not only is Lola our first Magnificent Mutt, but she is also our first owner surrender. Now hold on a minute. Spare the judgement and take a few minutes to read the story of Lola. A story that we are proud to be a part of.

Once upon a time a family had a wonderful family dog. When she started to get older the family decided now might be a good time to bring a new puppy into the home. So the family met Lola, the sweetest, perfect little puppy. A Miniature Pinscher/ Chihuahua mix, Lola was cute as a button, full of life and brought sunshine to the family. Almost all the family. The family's dog, who had been with them for years and years, didn't see the sunlight from Lola. She liked dogs, but Lola was too much for her. She didn't feel old... until there was a new baby in the family.

Months passed and Lola's spunky energy, zest for playtime and love and attention from the family became harder and harder on the family's adult dog. She became depressed.

The family noticed this and spent much time trying to reassure their loved girl that she was always number one and they were committed to her through everything. But nothing worked for their dog. She wasn't ok.

The family was devastated. Sure Lola brought them smiles, but it was nothing in comparison to the sadness within their other girl. The family realized they had a choice to make. Lola, the adorable, happy baby puppy, or their older long term, now depressed dog.

There was no choice really. Not for thie family. Their older dog WAS their adorable happy puppy and they needed to take care of her and honor the commitment they made to her all those years ago.

So the hunt began to find Lola a forever family of her own.

Now they had more choices to make. How would they ensure that Lola end up with a great fit? They didn't want her to end up as a Craigslist dog, or given to the highest bidder, it wasn't about money or whoever raised their hand first. It was about a family who was committed. A family who would commit to Lola, the way they had to their dog.

So the reached out to a rescue network. A organization that wouldn't keep Lola in a kennel, who would know people looking for a dog who had been screened thoroughly. An organization that would devote the time and energy into the wellbeing of their dog when they didn't have those resources.

And they found Roscoe Rescues.

We have to say a huge THANK YOU to Lola's previous family. Surrendering your dog is NOT a bad thing, and not only did they do their research and take a route that was best for the puppy.... but the steps they took were best for their long term dog. It's unfortunate that some families choose a puppy over an older dog, but it happens a lot. And while we reserve judgement in all situations (you never know what someone is going through) we are very proud of this family and the steps they took that ended best for their dog, themselves, Lola... and Lola's now foster family.

Little Lola is still living in Nashville in a home with a wonderful, active couple. Lola lives part time with two older children and spends almost every day playing with doggy friends and family members. She has a large fenced in yard to play in and is showered with love. She has all new toys, a harness, and she is adjusting really well. Lola is NOT currently available for adoption.

Good girl Lola. We're so happy you're a part of the Roscoe Rescues family.


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