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Other Quarantine Life Things

Since the launch of the website I've found myself with much more time on my hands. At first I found it nice, now I'm finding it very stagnant. So I've decided my next course of action is to ramp up the blog. Plus I figure it's a great way to stay creative and work on business. Good compromise. No one reads this thing anyway, I see the stats guys, I know no one reads the blog. But one day maybe! And in the mean time, I'll just talk to myself.

Today's special: I want to talk about food.

So I've finally gotten approved for food stamps (I applied in May) and I've finally been able to throw down on some dank food without having to worry about the extra expense. Dudes, if you are making a low income right now and you are not on food stamps, you're doing it wrong. Eating healthy is so important! And damn can it be delicious. So I am stoked to be able to make more exciting things. Me and my best girl Michelle do #MeatlessMondays each week and I've made it a happy to showcase a photo on my instagram, but really that was all the dope eating I was doing each week until the arrival of food stamps. For awhile there it was taco bell once a day because a meal a day in under 4 minutes and under 3 dollars is hard to pass up when you're worried about making a big grocery run. You tell yourself its like paying for a frozen meal to justify it, but really nothing justifies the jalapeno cheddar sauce on a bean and rice burrito.

Anyway. So food. I've been trying to do carbs for lunch, I've noticed just how much lighter I feel if I don't eat heavy past a certain time of day. Today I decided on mac and cheese. I chose #Amys because their 'vegan cheddar flavor' mac is reminiscent of Kraft and not only was I feeling lazy, but nostalgic.

I love to pump up mac and cheese with chorizo. It's a usual favorite of mine. I obviously choose a vegan brand, my current favorite being #TheBeHive chorizo. But you do you. A local carniceria or international market will have some banging chorizo. (This shit's also super great in eggs)

Anyway. You heard me. Sizzle up some sausage in a separate pan and make the mac in a pot on another burner. Don't start the chorizo till the noodles you're eating are close to being done boiling. Chorizo cooks pretty fast, plant-based or pork.

Make your mac as per use. Butter, (I do #EarthBalance) milk (oat or almond for me) and whatever sauce packet provided. You know how to make mac and cheese....

Grab your bowl and spoon some chorizo in the bottom of it and throw the mac on top. Mix it up and eat.

If you're feeling real frisky you can add greens like spinach in with the cooking chorizo. You could also dollop this with sour cream. I like #Tofruitties 'better than sour cream sour cream'. If you have scallions go for it... but also maybe I'm getting a little extra.

Keep the chorizo separate from the mac for leftovers. This will make it taste fresher when you warm the two up separately and combine them right before eating. To reheat you could use a microwave, I recommend the stovetop, just do it. Add a little olive oil to the chorizo and a little scoop of butter to the mac. They'll both sizzle up nicely and be just as fresh as it was earlier. Since I'm only cooking for one I will not mix the sauce in right away either. But that's because I have no self control and if I make it all at once I will without a doubt eat it all at once and it's a problem.

So that's a good afternoon mac that isn't bland. Has anyone made some dope recipes recently?

That's all for now. I'm gonna go work on some graphics for #RememberMeThursday #SeeTheLight


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