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October Festivities

October is practically here guys!!! I personally cannot believe it. It seems like only yesterday we were all wondering how we were going to make it through this pandemic and here we are now. The world has changed and will keep changing, but as I've said before, I'm here for it.

So let's jump into October! Feet First


Tori is a long time friend of both Jaimie and Amy's. She had gone to school for law and woke up one day, decided it wasn't for her, and she switched career paths just like that. I think that's incredible. It takes a lot of courage to make a change like that, one that a lot of people wouldn't do. Her bravery in changing her career path is one of the reasons I was excited to meet her. It can be hard to want to give someone a chance who is new to a particular field, but the career history says so much about her. I've never run a business before, but I'm doing it now. She went into financial advising after spending years in school for law, and she's doing it now! So hell yea I want her to be a part of the team. I feel she is committed to making people money, and that's something we can get behind! Fingers crossed Tori settles into her roll with Roscoe Rescues and leads us down the path of financial wealth!

Then there's Christianna. She's a co worker of Amy's who dreams of one day opening her own shelter to help homeless animals with behavioral issues. Uhm, of course we wanted to talk to her. We met her out for drinks the other night and got to know her better. It was a very casual get together just to see if we all meshed well. I'd say we meshed! We all left the get together feeling good about moving forward and at our last RR meeting the Board decided to ask her to come on as an intern! She'll be another helping hand as we navigate through building our business and rescuing animals!


We have so many fun ideas in the work for finances guys I can't even begin to tell you about them all! Which I guess is one of the reasons we opted to bring in an intern haha. Hopefully Christianna will help keep us on track and Tori will make sure we're bringing her the numbers.

We've been having trouble finding ways to gather funds for our business expenses, and our expenses are adding up... so we're grinding it out now with lots of ideas and we're excited to talk about them.

October is going to bring round one of us spending hours in the kitchen to bring you guys homemade, fall candles! We'll keep you posted on our progress and let you know when we've locked down some dope smells. Candles during the holidays are a fun way to make sure your home is always full of the warm and fuzzy feeling and we're going to be taking orders throughout the rest of the year. They'll be perfect for your home or as a gift. Let us know if you have any scent requests since we'll be switching it up every so often!


Its our favorite time of the year!!!!!! Ok but seriously. Giveaways are a ton of fun for us. We get to pick rad gifts and see what lucky winner gets the prize! They may be more exciting if we were eligible for the prize too.... but I digress.

This giveaway is for Amy's favorite holiday- Halloween- obviously.

So we're having a best pet costume contest and the winner gets a dog packed care package. Keep an eye out for more info on what's in the bag along with rules for entering. You'll have all month long to to enter, but start thinking now about what you're gonna dress your fur kid up as!


As a purebred rescue we are really adamant on matching people with the breeds that work well for their lifestyle. We wouldn't recommend someone who works 60 hours a week get a German Shepherd same as we wouldn't recommend an avid runner get a Basset Hound. So! We're taking steps towards education by adding content to our social media pages in the form of breed education. We're looking forward to the opportunity to educate people about their favorite breeds as well as learn more ourselves! Let us know what breeds you want to learn more about!

To see our full breed gallery check out the "Resources" Tab above!


Ranger is Octobers Magnificent Mutt! He was hand picked when Crisee came across him and his mom at the dog park one day. The story of the wonderful light he brought into his moms life, lit her up inside as well. We'll tell you all about him on October 22nd.


Well obviously there's fundraisers. We have a lot in the works and we know you'll be excited about them. We'll have lots of ways for you to celebrate the holidays and gift your loved ones some really thoughtful gifts. Stay tuned!

On top of adding breed education to our social media content, we're adding adoptable dogs! We are still waiting on the IRS (We got assigned an agent!! Fingers crossed!) we still want to be able to connect potential adopters with available animals.So we'll be rummaging through the available animals and reposting them for you to see! If you're interested in a particular breed don't hesitate to ask! We just may know of one at another rescue!

That's the haps for October! Can't wait to see what else this month holds for us.

Thanks for reading guys. Talk soon



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