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Meet the Founders Part 1: Amy & Kiera

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

This past Sunday we did a photo shoot together.

The girls and I packed up our kids and went out to Murfeesboro, TN. Jaimies family are creatives, and her stepdad is a photographer out there who offered to do a shoot for us as a favor. Of course we took him up on the offer. We agreed as a team that we want our photos on Instagram, as well as our website (duh) to look clean, bright, and inviting. Its so often that when people hear the word 'rescue' they think of Sarah Mclachlan and the sad, depraved eyes of a beagles behind the rusty grate of a kennel. We know that this is the reality for millions of animals worldwide, minus the soundtrack. However, we really are aiming to change that look. It's hard to see, as a consumer. As someone in rescue I often find my social media news feeds plagued with pictures of animal in deplorable conditions with pleas to help, and I get it! Rescue organizations rely on the public to help out and sharing these circumstances with the public often helps people come forward. And we will allow the public to see the work we do, the places we go, and the animals on the brink of death who we attempt to turn around. All that being said however, we intend to allow you to scroll through your news feed and see the smiles and the love that comes from the animal rescue world. So we started with a photo shoot.

Today I want to talk to you about Amy and Kiera. Co-founders of Roscoe Rescues. You know how often people compliment their dogs, or even sometimes look like them? Amy and Kiera compliment the hell out of each other. Amy is so smart, and beautiful. At 24 she's graduated from UTC with a BS in Political Science Public Admin and Nonprofit Management. She previously worked for Chattaneuter in Chattanooga, TN and now works as a veterinary assistant at a local vets office here in Nashville, TN. She has long blondish hair that always is the perfect amount of the straight or the perfect amount of wavy. None of that in between stuff where you can never decide if you like it or not. She often wears glasses with the right touch of hipster to their round frames that compliments the round shape of her face. And she has a bright smile that truly seems like it can fill you up with light. Her counterpart, is Kiera. Kiera is a white husky with the obligatory piercing blue eyes. The thing I love about Kiera is her fur is always so white. She is never dingy or yellowed by the earth she runs on. She is so laid back and easygoing you often forget she is a husky. Until she gets a wild hair and takes off in a playful run, her floofy tail brightly bouncing upright behind her. She is a blaze of sunlight and that reflects the smile on Amy's face. The bond between dog and woman is unfathomable. And Amy and Kiera prove that daily.

At the park, it's green despite the winter. Not full spring green, but the grass is bright and there are many bushes that boast their coniferous leaves. Amy picks Kiera up and rocks her up and down with joy, loving on her pup, her light gray sweater and white shoes shining as brightly as Kiera's coat, even though its overcast out. Back on the ground, she holds Kiera's teal para cord leash, which contrasts and compliments their bright aura so perfectly, and when it's her turn for pictures Kiera sits like a queen, elegant and poised, beaming at her mom.

We are so lucky, all of us. It was such a great day out there. It was pretty chilly, but could have been much worse. The sky allowed the perfect amount of natural light through the clouds and we all felt that we captured some incredible content for us and our rescue dogs. This thing we're doing, is truly incredible. I never saw myself as a business owner, and now I am. With two incredible human partners and our dogs along side us, always inspiring us to be better and move forward. We're capturing moments of our journey left and right with photo shoots, or Go Pro Gwen and now this blog. I cannot wait to see what else is to come!



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