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March Madness

March madness could not be more of an understatement.

Let's start from the middle. Because I cannot start at the top right now.

We have two kiddos! Our Red Nosed Pit Bull Terrier, Thor and our Black Labrador Retriever, Maggie, are both heartworm positive. This means that their hearts are not happy or healthy. They have to restrict exercise as to not allow their heart to get worked up. Keeping their heart beating slow is necessary while they go through the long, slow process of killing the worms. I'm going to take another day to talk more about heartworms from an educational level, but for now you need to know that both of them are being treated, and we are raising funds to help with the large cost. If you can donate please see our Facebook page.

Todays the day! Today we start a very long, two day transport, for our little Luigi! We'll keep you posted on social media! a HUGE thanks to all of the volunteers that stepped up to bring Luigi to his forever home. We couldn't do it without you!

We're officially partnered with animals shelters near the Nashville area! Yay! We are working on partnering with other shelters in different parts of the countries as we have fosters scattered everywhere! Stay tuned to see what incredible pup pups we find hiding in animal shelters! We're coming for you puppies!

Chavi the bear dog, is our pet of the month. A personal friend of mine, I'm very excited to tell her story! Tune in on St Patty's day to hear her story!

So what's next? We're expanding our team! We've been recruiting behind the scenes to help streamline our operations. This is helping us do things like sort through all the applications for Cooper (We didn't forget about you!) and helping us stay on top of the animals in our care. We're very excited about our new crew members and we will be adding them to the website soon!

It's going to be a productive March and I'm going to be continuing to post here about all our adventures so stay tuned!!

Thanks everyone. Talk soon!



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