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Last week we officially launched our website!! And If you've been reading along you probably know that it's a big deal! I've been working really hard on it since 2019 and it's been an entirely self taught journey. While it may not look over the top impressive to the average person, and to a website designer its something they could have done over afternoon tea, this is a huge accomplishment for me!

So now what? Our website is live and we're still sitting around with our thumbs up our butt waiting to hear from the IRS. In case you're wondering, it's something that we can semi track online. The IRS has a website that lists the dates affiliated with your 1023 submission, stating at what date they've reached as far as assigning you to an agent. So, if you've filed a 1023 form (which is approval for the 501c3) before a certain date, you've been assigned. If you've filed afterwards, your form is still sitting in a large pile on someone's desk. Currently our form is STILL sitting on someones desk. The most up to date date given is late March. We filed in April so fingers crossed that any day now they update to a later date.

So here' we are now! Website is up, but no status. Our funds are being used for our storage unit and out website and trademarks etc, but we're limited on how to gain funds due to COVID, and we're not totally sure what to do next.

Since the pandemic I mostly hang around killing time. Which I am NOT complaining about. This time has been a weird one for the world. I know how tough so many people have had it and anger and hate going on in the world is very real right now. I am so lucky to not have to be a part of it. I became unemployed at the end of May and since then have spent all my free time working on our company and I get to do it from home with Roscoe by my side. Whether I'm sitting on the couch with my computer working, or sitting on the couch deep into an epic SVU marathon (currently on season 13 by the way), I get to sit at home with Roscoe and for the first time in my adult life I am worried about no one and nothing but me. And for that, there are no words as to how grateful I am. I take every day as an opportunity to grow, find the light, and feel good. I work out every day, I eat healthy and cook every day, I work on my passion project (with two incredible business partners) every day, I'm with Roscoe almost every hour, I paint or draw almost every day, I see my best girl Michelle several times a week, and I have so much time for self discovery and self work. The things I've learned about myself and the progress I've made within myself is one for the books. Many of you know, though many don't, that last year I went through an incredibly hard break up. The kind that shifts your whole universe, the kind that truly changes you at your core, and the last year and a half have been a time of healing and improving in ways I wouldn't have if it hadn't been for that. So despite doing nothing, I've been doing a TON.

Anyway. Enough about me, for now. My point is, this time has been wonderful. Since the launch of our website I've taken a few days to step away from the computer (the screen is giving me a headache! I ordered Blue Light glasses. Stay tuned for updates!) and now I want to get back to work. The big question remains though, what now?

Roscoe will be by later this week to talk about the next chapter of his story. After Stella you may be wondering what, or who, came next. Tune in next week to learn about Roxie. Our first Rottweiler.

If you're a small business owner I'd love to hear ideas from you on how to move forward and grow business in this time! Always looking for more chances to expand my knowledge!

Talk soon



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