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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Newsletter Page 2, Part 1!

You were promised blog posts from our newsletter on other topics, so! Here we go:

For starters, our new space! We got a fricken huge storage unit! 10X10 for us to store donations that have been coming in! We're moving in on Friday and now that we're getting into it, the space seems to go to infinity and beyond. So we need your help to fill it! Roscoe Rescues is in need of Donations! We are still waiting for our 501(c)3 status, so we are not currently taking in any animals, however, we intend to start doing so as soon as we get approval and we know it's just around the corner! So if you have stuff lying around that could go to an animal in need, contact us!!

Chances are, if you’ve used it as an animal owner, we could use it. If you want to donate, contact us and we'll come pick it up! Types of donations needed are:

Towels/ blankets

Collapsible crates

Small airplane carriers

Dog & Cat food*

Cat Litter/ Litter boxers

Cat Trees

Poop Bags

Flea & Tick medication

Puppy Pads

Dog Toys/ Chews*

Dog Brushes

Collars & leashes*

*The following items are not items we will be using. While we appreciate all donations, Roscoe Rescues is not just an animal rescue. We are holding ourselves to a standard of pet care and are dedicated to education along the way. If you donate these we will do our best to see if another shelter in need can use them:

Food Brands including: IAMS, Purina, Pedigree, Natures Recipe, Kibbles & Bits, Blue Buffalo, Eukanuba, Ol Roy

Dog Chews: Rawhides, “Busy Bones”, bleached bones

Retractable Leashes

Maybe you want to gift us with something we can use to raise money for the rescue. That would be wonderful too!! We can use donation gift items for future fundraisers and giveaways! Speaking on giveaways.... congrats to @thekelseamarie for snagging the incredible prize of a one month membership to Garage Barre + Bike in Murfreesboro. This awesome prize was donated to us from the generous owner of GB (valued at over $100) and we know how excited Kelsea was to be the winner. Giving it away online helped us boost our social media, gave a deserving fan a prize and hopefully will bring more business to GB once Kelsea gets her friends to join with her 😉 So what great prizes can we work together to promote??

Now I know you want to hear Luca's story, but it won't be posted till Sunday. So remember to check in with us when you wake up and are having a cup of coffee in bed. Her story is one of my favorites.

I will however, tell you what we're up to next!

Were really working hard on "meet and greet" events. We're going to spend the next few weeks going around to your favorite animal stores and asking if we can set up a table for customers to have the chance to meet us and hear what we're about. We know that as fun and flashy as social media is, we need people to understand WHO we are and WHY. If we can get a few moments of someone's time in person we hope that people will understand our real mission in this game. We feel that people will resonate with us and understand that a change in the system is necessary and that we can truly do something about it. We'll also be speaking about animal owner education. Keep an eye out and come meet us and if you're already in the know, tell your friends and family! What's your favorite pet store to shop at? See you there! Next is the website! I never shut up about this thing because I've had so much fun working on it and learning how to navigate WIX. I do need photos to help fill up our gallery though, so if you, or anyone you know has a beautiful purebred rescue animal, let us know! We'd love to feature them in our educational purebred gallery!  We're looking to launch that very soon as we've finally raised the money to. With a little more work It should finally be ready! Here you will be able to find the who and why of RR, education about pet ownership, opportunities to volunteer, a gallery of beautiful rescue animals and more! I think that's all for now. Catch you Sunday for Lucas story! -Crisee & Roscoe


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