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If we all work together

This have been a little crazy for us here at RR. Perhaps im feeling it more than usual due to all my traveling, my days in Nashville are so far and few between and though im able to get a good amount of work done from the road, it seems that during my days home im behind the computer almost the entire day. Now to be clear I am NOT complaining. I feel fortunate to have so much to do, it means we're moving forward.

We've been getting a butt ton of interest from all across the country for different breeds and the results are so encouraging. Ive been very adamant that rescuing purebreda across the country is more than possible, but probable. You guys showing up when we began asking for volunteers is a testament to that. Were going to do it guys, were going to change the face of animal rescue.

Keep those applications coming and spread the word to animals lovers in your life. At RR there is a place for everyone who wants to be a part of it.

Thank you everyone!


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