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Here we go again

I’m at the airport today, one of many flights I will take this month. I’ve accepted a new job and am excited to announce that I am officially a driver for the ASPCA’s animal relocation crew. What does that mean exactly? I admit I have to iron out some of the details, but long story short I will be traveling the country as an agent hired by the ASPCA picking up animals from overcrowded shelters and transporting them to other, less crowded shelters at other places in the country. Some of my trips will take one day, some a week or more.

I applied for the job back in early September, or maybe it was August… simply out of curiosity. I wasn’t serious about getting a job quite yet but I was perusing to see what kind of animal positions were out there. When I came across this job I knew immediately that I would love it, but I was not about to take a travel job when I had a senior boy at home with mobility issues. I applied anyway, because maybe one day, in the future.

I spoke with a very friendly and kind woman, Michele, about the job and she explained a little about it. I of course tried to be upfront and told her about Roscoe, saying I wasn’t sure if it would be the job for me or not, but I was absolutely interested in learning more. I interviewed shortly after and it went really well. A few days later, they offered my the job. I politely declined, because of Roscoe and Michele called me, “I knew you weren’t going to take the job,” she laughed.

I nervously chuckled back, “Yea. I just can’t right now.”

We chatted briefly and she wished me many more years with Roscoe, and told me if the day ever came that I could take the job she would find a place for me.

As you know, that day came sooner than anyone expected. A few weeks after Roscoe’s diagnosis I reached out to Michele and told her the situation. It’s nice being such an animal lover and being in a field of animal lovers, they get it. She got it. She was kind and told me to take my time, enjoy every moment with Roscoe and not to worry about loosing the job.

So here we are now. I filled out my application paperwork the week Roscoe was leaving, I wanted to get it all in before I took Roscoe in so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything after the fact.

I am headed to my very first run next Monday the 9th and I literally cannot wait. Like i'm not kidding. The few days between Colin leaving town and my leaving down have been really hard. Being in my house with no one but Tiger Lily around, isn’t easy. I'm excited to get on the road, and am hoping to spend a lot of time on the road, doing what I do best, doing what I love. Rescuing animals.

Today however, I am not at the airport on a badass life saving mission. Today I am at the airport, headed back to Nashville from Chicago. Last Thursday, my best friends dad died. He was very important to me, his family, is part of my family. I am so heavy lately. I flew in at 7 AM on Monday to be with Jessica. I’ve needed her as much as she’d need me and the last two days together have been very sad, and very relieving at the same time. I still feel heavy, perhaps heavier than I did when she called me last Wednesday night, but I am so so thankful so have spent the last two days with her.

However. The good news is, my next flight next week will be for a very exciting reason. So I have that to look forward to.

Gotta board now. Let flight two of ten in November begin.



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