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February Firsts - Newsletter

So many firsts have been happening for us in this new year of 2021 already. And February is no exception!

In January we placed SEVEN animals into foster homes! We had to turn down several animals along the way because we haven't had fosters for them. So please, if you're at all interested in fostering, don't hesitate to ask. Remember that when you foster a dog, RR pays for all medical as way as supplies items needed for your pet!

In January we pulled dogs from a few different shelters. Shout out to #DouglasCountyHumaneSociety in Georgia for helping save the life of little Chino Bean, the Miniature Bull Terrier. I'll be telling his story any day now =)

We'd also like to thank #HuntsvilleAnimalServices for taking great care of a pup that came to them without a chance, and they gave him one. Our little Luigi is doing great! Read his story a few posts back. He will be available for adoption this Friday! He does already have some applications on him, we'll let you know if it pans out. Fingers crossed for this little man!

Transports are a new, but not new territory for us. We've secured a few awesome transport volunteers around the country... but just a few... and around the country. We're going to need a chain of volunteers to pull off long runs that bring dogs to safety. When you're a part of the Tiger Lily Tracks Team you contribute a few hours of your time, and a little gas, to help be a small part of a big event and an even bigger outcome. No matter how small, your help, helps! If you're interested in learning more, please ask!

As I previously mentioned, we need fosters for many different breeds. We had to turn down quite a few, and while we know we cannot save them out, it's such a bummer to us to have to turn down so many. There are so many different types of dogs out there and theyre not all for everyone, which is why we need dedicated fosters that either have experience with, or are willing to put in the research to help foster these breeds. Currently we do not have a single foster home capable of taking in a Scent Hound. While we could probably place something like a Beagle with a lot of people, most other scent hounds are not so easy to place. (Even Beagles would do well with someone invested in their sniffers) If you're interested in a breed, or in learning more about a breed, thats what we are here for! We have an emphasis on education for a reason. We can help get you to a point where you are able to take on a breed you're not so familiar with. You just have to be dedicated! Fostering is not for everyone, but if you think it might be for you, drop us a line!

Our pet of the month this month is Arya. The beautiful Tortoiseshell kitty cat. Her rescue story is a sweet one which pairs perfectly with February since we all have a sweet tooth right now. hehe. Check our her story February 24th right here, on the blog.

So what's next for us? February has us pushing forward to expand even farther, and even stronger. We're ramping up our volunteer positions and introducing Volunteer Coordinators, Transport Coordinators, Social Media Management, Video Design and more. Do you know someone who is willing to help? Send them our way. At Roscoe Rescues, if you genuinly want to help, we will find a place for you.

Catch ya later!


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