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December Delights -Newsletters Part 1&2

Doesn't it though? The lights are bright, the peppermint mocha lattes are warm, the sweaters are comfy and of course the fire is sooo delightful!

Well December for us is extra delightful, and its bringing BIG news. A few weeks ago we recieved a letter in the mail from the IRS stating that they have APPROVED OUT 501c3 STATUS!!! Lets do a quick recap shall we?

On August 16th, 2019 Jaimie, Amy and myself had our very first ever Roscoe Rescues meeting. We continued with those meetings every single week to move our company forward. In September we filed with Tennessee Secretary of State and began filing out our request for 501c3 status. Seven tedious months later we mailed in our request for status and began planning small fundraising projects. Seven months after THAT we got our approval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok I'll stop. Anyway. We are so excited to finally get things started. Things have been a little crazy with the holidays but even if we've slowed down, we have not stopped. This of course means.

Candles! This is our last batch friends, so please get your orders in before the holidays!! These little dudes make great stocking stuffer type gifts. We don't have too many left, but we'd also like not to have any left =) Send us a message or email if you're interested. We can ship them!

Also. VOLUNTEERS! Now that we're official, we literally can't do anything without fosters. We've got quite a few people interested but we'll need you guys to pull the trigger. We are going to change the face of rescue, but we cannot do it without you! And remember, no matter where you live, or how much time you have, you CAN volunteer for Roscoe Rescues. We intend to find a place for anyone who wants to help.

Social Media- What do you guys want to see? We've been posting photos of gorgeous purebred rescue dogs and cats living happy lives and telling their heartwarming stories. This is awesome, but now that we are able to take in gorgeous homeless dogs and cats we're hoping to focus a bit more on them. We want to create posts that people will share and tell the world about. We're working on upping our education, current events, available animals, and more. What else would you like to see/learn about from your purebred rescue?

Islay- "ai-lah'. No spoilers. Her cute store will be featured the day before Christmas Eve ;)

What's next? Well, just like the newsletter says... literally everything. We're looking forward to 2021 and working with you guys. I cannot wait until we place our very first animal.

Remember- as purebred rescue, we are dedicated to education of breeds and matching people and dogs that work well together. If you're an active person who is considering a Pekingese to take with you everywhere we're here to talk you through the dog selection process and find the right dog for you. If you're interested in a large breed dog who wants to watch TV with you all day we won't ask you to take in an Aussie. We are here for both the animals and for you. Your perfect pup (or cat) is already out there.

So come be part of the team that is going to work to bring you two together, to work to get you and your dog comfortable with each other, and to work to change the face the of rescue. Across the world.



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