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Bump. Set. Woof.

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

I know I’m not the only one out there who can’t believe it’s almost August already. 2020 has been such a strange year so far and I doubt it’s going to get any less sane as we go into fall. I know what’s happening in the world can be very hard on lots of people, even the least sensitive people are being affected by everything. That being said, I am so grateful to be working in animal rescue. Because animal rescue has always been a shit show, the sadness, the discrimination and the genocide are not new news to me. Now that may seem strange, but the one beautiful thing about it, is I have always found the light in it. How else do you get past these negatives things? By finding the light of course. So today the light shines on the incredible volleyball tournament we had on July 11th!

Amy, Jaimie and I arrived at The Goat in Murfeesboro around 8 AM ready to rock and roll. We’d had several meetings throughout the week making sure we had everything we needed for the day off and I truly felt prepared. We had had a rain scare earlier in the week but the sun was already shining brightly and the earth was cool at that time in the morning, the weather was perfect. We all broke a sweat still as we set up our 10X10s, tables and speakers. We set up Roscoe on the cool grass with a fan in his face and water nearby and Nova and Kiera surveyed the premises, supervising our progress. 

It wasn’t long until people began to show up, eager and excited to warm up and start the competition. We checked players in, gave them their rules and as the sun rose higher and hotter the tournament began. 

The competition that day was truly fierce. We had a sign posted thanking the donors of the events but we never specifically said what the prizes were, yet as the sun rose higher and higher in the sky each time sweat it out, giving it their all to be named winner. Team Back that Ace up lost its very first game, but they didn’t give up and pressed forward all the way to the championship. They took home a very well deserved 3rd place and team One Hit Wonders took 2nd. The big winner? Smash Bros took home the grand prize. 

The day was a success for us. As we walked around the tournament talking to players it was especially rewarding to hear people tell me how thankful they were to be outside having a good time and not be stressed out about COVID, they were happy to have a day being ‘normal again’.

We spoke with lots of new faces that day, and had many people sign up to volunteer with us. We had people express interest in dog breeds such as Yorkies, Huskies, Red Nosed Pit Bulls and more. We got the opportunity to introduce ourselves as new business owners, and more importantly, the animal rescue organization that is going to change the face of rescue. So what purebred dogs do YOU want to see in Roscoe Rescues?

Thank you again to everyone who showed up, truly. We need you if we’re going to succeed. We cannot do this alone!

Another question we had a lot that afternoon was about t-shirts! We raffled off a free one and of course that got people asking about them. (Congrats Amanda! You definitely deserve it! Amanda is the creator of our official logo, so it was quite serendipitous that she won one!) Good news, they’re coming! We want to hear from you too though. We want to know what color shirts you’re looking for! Shirts will be available in black and white of course, since it works best with our logo. We want more colors too though! So, what’s your favorite t-shirt color to represent in?

Lastly, as a thank you for the success of this event, we have fun stuff happening! Networking is going to be our biggest asset at the moment, and the news of the tournament has brought us lots of opportunities from businesses looking to get involved. We are so thankful for the support we’ve received from everyone that we’ve decided to take some of our donations and offer them as a giveaway! Stay tuned for the giveaway opportunity. It will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook page once it’s ready!

Im out for tonight. Bump. Set. Woof.

-Crisee & Roscoe


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