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Exciting news! We're in the process of expanding the team! As incredible as the three of us are, running a business isn't a three man band job. As we're growing and learning more about what it means to be business owners, we have picked a few things we need to learn more about and we're working to find people to fill those voids.

For starters: finances. While we're not up and running as a non profit yet, we are, as most of you know, working to raise money to put into the business once we get that status. So what about the cash we do have? What about the money going out? We've been logging everything away on paper to keep track of things, but at the end of the day we don't know squat about keeping finance records for a business. Enter Tori.

Yesterday afternoon we met downtown with a financial advisor team about this exact issue. Things are still pretty up in the air for us, but direction is still needed so we met with Tori and her co worker to talk money. Prior to the meeting we spoke as a team and decided that we wanted to extend the invite to Tori to work with us and help out pro bono as a means of adding philanthropy and experience to her resume. It could be a great opportunity for all of us as we knew that she is looking to expand her portfolio.

After an incredibly informative meeting with the financial advisor team we pulled Tori to the side and extended our offer, asking her to take some time to think about whether or not she was wanted to and was able to make a commitment to us. She immediately said she was all in for trying! She took the offer to take a little time to think about what she CAN commit, time wise, but spoke about how much she admired what we we're doing both as business women and as animal rescuers!

I guess that's something I dont think about to often and should be more grateful for. There are days where I know we all want to pull our hair out because its a LOT! I never went to college, let alone learned anything about running a business! But I am smart. Jaimie and Amy both graduated college and are both incredibly smart as well, but neither of them majored in business either. So we are self teaching everything!! And while they absolutely could be a recipe for disaster, I am confident that we will change the animal rescue world.

Part of that, for me, means admitting your weaknesses and knowing when help is needed. So thats part of our focus this week. As business owners what are our weakness? What are our strengths? And how can we fill in the gaps.

Tonight we're meeting with another girl to discuss the option of interning with us. I guess we're not at a stand still! Stayed tuned.


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