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Pet Of The Month: Tanner of Nashville, TN

I'll be honest, I chose Tanner to be Septembers Pet Of The Month for vain reasons. I mean, This. Dog. Is. Stunning.

The true red color of his coat and the bright amber of his eyes. The wrinkles of his forehead and his soft round snout. Tanner is a true testament to just how incredibly beautiful nature is when you draw outside the lines.

I chose today to tell his story for not so vain reason. Today is September 24th 2020, also known in the rescue world as #RememberMeThursday. Today, around the world, animal rescuers and the animals they've rescued will light a candle for the animals that haven't yet found their light. We take a moment of silence for the homeless animals without family and we extend our energy into the world to light them up from within. These animals are not forgotten. For the animals that never made it into a home, we remember you. For the animals who are still waiting, #SeeTheLight

Tanner is a Magnificent Mutt. He is around a year old and best guess is he is a mix between a hound, a pittie and a mountain cur. He was rescued from a local rescue here in Nashville when he was only 10 weeks old. Adopting a puppy isn't something people should take lightly, and it wasn't that for Tanners parents. They had lost their bulldog mix two years prior to cancer and still had their teeny eight pound Chihuahua mix that needed a big dog buddy. The family finally knew they were ready and so they set out to find themselves their next family member. Tanner was perfect and fit right in with Beasley, their Chi mix. Tanners mom says "Tanner loves getting into mischief and is always ready to play ball or chase the kids around the yard. He loves all things water, whether that be the bathtub, pool or water hose. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without that goofy boy!"

Good boy Tanner. It's good to know that on days like today, dogs like you can light a candle themselves. After all, you now have a family and they now have another light.


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