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Pet of the Month: Arya of Nashville, TN

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Our very first cat pet of the month is Arya! Many house cats are classified as the same breed, they're domestic short, medium, or long haired cats. However, their color patterns are very unique! This months kitty, is what is called a DSH, or domestic short haired, tortoiseshell cat, which refers to the blend of black and browns. Did you know that both tortoiseshell cats and calico cats are ONLY females?

Here's what Arya's mom had to say about her.

"Meet Arya! She’s a 6 year old queen who is like way too obsessed with her mom. As a kitten, her litter was found under the home of someone who was very much allergic to cats but wanted them to be safe. I just had to have one, despite not being a huge cat person in the past. Rescuing was apparently in my blood. Arya was the easiest to catch in this crawl space and came home in a shoe box. As she grew up she learned to climb on everything, jump off everything, hide in everything, and essentially just “Faceless Men” around the apartment. Arya has been with me through my bachelor’s degree, 3 moves, a very difficult breakup, several career changes, and finding my partner. She is my very best furiend. And while she has many attributes that most people hate about cats (Tortoiseshells, am I right?), these are the characteristics that often encourage me. She is strong, confident, brave, goofy, protective, and loving. Arya is the best family a girl could ever ask for."

Good girl Arya. Keep up the shenanigans!


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