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Pet Of The Month: Luca of San Diego, CA

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

We are always looking to hear from you about your pets! So send us your kiddos photos, and if you're feeling talkative, send their story too. We'd absolutely love to hear from you!

PET OF THE MONTH!!! Announcing our very FIRST EVER, Pet of the Month… As our first ever, we knew it had to be a special one, so here she is: LUCA! Luca is a Magnificent Mutt rescued from Tijuana, Mexico and now lives in San Diego, California.  Here, her Mom Tiffany, tells me the story of how they came together: “Luca is a cool story. She came from TJ. An American couple saw her after being beaten in the streets and she was all bloody. Some little kids were trying to help her. Because of her condition, they were told they couldn't take her over the border with them. A border patrol agent who happened to be getting off his shift felt bad and put her in his duffel bag. He dropped her anonymously in the shelter drop here in SD with a note on her explaining. He could have gotten fired, so he had to do that. At the time, I had JUST gotten released from 30 some days in the hospital when I got really sick. I needed to rehab and walk a lot, but moved so slow and hunched I wanted to stay out of the public eye. But doctors ordered that I get stronger before my next surgery. I had two more ahead of me...almost 2 more years of craziness ahead. So I was volunteering at the shelter and they were letting me walk the little dogs....I was weak. Luca (Polly, they called her then) was in medical for almost a month. Then, when she was adoptable, she didn't want humans near her. She was terrified and stayed in the corner. I'd sit in her cage and talk to her, or just sit. Eventually one day she walked over and laid her head on my lap. I wanted her, but I had my epileptic basset hound and lots of hospital ahead of me. And she'd need a lot of work.  “She started to come around some, and a couple months later was adopted. Then brought back. She wasn't the "fun dog who'd play catch" that they wanted. Then she was adopted again a couple weeks later, and came back again because the people didn't disclose that they had a German Shepard, and just assumed it would like another dog in its home. It attacked her. Caused more problems for her. Then, on December 20th, 2011, a family adopted her for Xmas. I was happy she got to go home for Xmas. But on December 24th, Xmas eve, I got a text from a shelter volunteer who knew my soft spot for her, everyone did, that "Polly had been returned". She apparently wouldn't come out of the corner and was "odd".... dogs who have trauma aren't always going to be the "instant perfect pup" that people want and their personality and quirks come out over time.  “Anywho, the shelter was closed till the 27th. I would have a month before surgery to work with her. The shelter was putting her on the transfer list to LA, where she'd be put on the "unadoptable/euthanize" list the volunteer told me. I had my ass at the door when the shelter opened on the 27th. I wouldn't let her die. I didn't need another dog, but I wasn't letting her go down that way. The shelter workers smiled when they saw me and didn't even ask...they went and got her and brought her out and gave her to me for FREE. They knew I had a lot of med expenses, and they were so happy I was taking her. Took me weeks to get her out from mostly hiding in a corner, but I just let her move at her own pace, and she started to trust her new surroundings. She helped me heal while I was sick, and I helped her. Later when I'd get home from the next surgery, she didn't leave my side. Fast forward til now, and I can tell you she's been a handful… There's certain things people need to be mindful of around her. But aren't we all that way? She doesn't give up on me learning, so I never gave up on her. She's sooo so smart. She can be a bitch, and I work with her with some other dogs constantly, but she learns. She'll always be a work in progress. But that dog that "wouldn't play catch" etc.....yea, she's a pro at it now. And she loves to swim. And she is super punk rock and would literally go down fighting til death for me. Best dumb, irresponsible, decision I've ever made. “Luca is lucky I was there. She NEEDED to in a rescue where people could work with her.... A rescue would have made a WORLD of difference for my poor baby girl.” Congrats Luca and Tiffany! You two are truly an inspiring story about animal rescue, love and patience. Thank you SO much for sharing your story with the world. Luca, you're a good girl. Woof.


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