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Pet of the Month: Islay of Chicago, IL

Our Magnificent Mutt of the Month is Islay, prounced ai-lah. I love Islays story because her person is a dear friend of mine and it was one year ago today I met her for the first time.

It was Christmas 2019 and Colin came to spend the holiday with me so neither of us would be alone. We were both coming off hard years and being friends for 20 years we knew we'd enjoy each other's company perfectly and turn a lonely holiday into one is laughter and memories. With him, Colin brought his new dog, who bore the name Oreo, for her black and white coloring.

"Shes not an Oreo," he told me

I knew with seconds of meeting her that was true. The two had only been together since October and they were still learning each other, but you could tell they were both committed to each other. So that night Colin and I opened a bottle of wine, and let the creative juices start flowing. When we'd moved onto the next we still didn't have anything.

"OK, whats something you love? Anything, a movie, a drink, anything" I asked.

"Scotch!" He promptly answered

And from there it was easy. True Scott only comes from one of four regions. Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside.... and Islay.

Islay and Colin came into each others life at the perfect time. Islays previous owners had rambunctious children and a fast paced life. They lived on the downstairs floor of a Chicago style three story building. Islay, then Oreo, was a quiet dog. She was almost 10, and the hustle and bustle was very overwhelming for her. Then one day, someone came to pick up a couch from her owners and he got much more than either of them expected.

Islay came with the couch. It wasnt part of the original deal, but its how it ended up. Colin wasn't looking for a dog, he hadn't had one since he was very young and didn't know of he'd really want the life of a dog owner, yet something in him said he could do this, and perhaps he needed her. So Islay, not knowing quite what was happening, went to go live with the man all the way to the third floor of the very same building. Up here it was quiet. Up here it was easy going. Up here she was taken for long walks multiple times a day. Islay was born a whole new dog. She dropped the 15 extra pounds she didn't need, and she bonded with Colin and his roommates who adored her.

Islay is now brought on car rides, daily adventures, eats quality food, listens thoughtfully to commands and the downstairs family hardly recognizes the spunky pup from the old dog that didn't want to do much.

Here's what Colin had to say about her

"Islay - queen of the night

Islay is a 10 year old aussi shep/cattle dog who thinks (knows) she's royalty.

She's sharp, has had a rough and tumble life and three previous owners, but is a happy pooch who currently resides in Humboldt Park, Chicago.

Islay likes long walks, rolling in coyote dung, and eating goose leaving. She is a woman who knows her worth, loves often and hard, and loves a good belly rub and butt scratch.

She's got eyes you can fall into, and knows how to use em."

Congratulations Islay and Colin. Your story is truly a beautiful one that love and time can change your life and heal you in ways you never expected. We're so happy that you two found each other.

I feel honored to know you both.

Until next time,



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