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Novembers News. Part 1 (&2)

The news for November starts off very solemn. I wasn't even sure how to go about talking about this on an 'announcement' level. But here it goes.

For those of you that check into the blog regularly, or are an active part of the teams lives, you already know that Roscoe is no longer with us. Roscoe was born with a degenerative disease called neuroaxonal dystrophy. It's genetic, likely due to poor breeding and he was from a backyard breeder. Some breeds are more prone to it than others, Rottweilers being one of them. But anyway. He was born with this disease, and for much of his life it didn't inhibit him too much. Beyond giving him the most adorable prance, which caused years of cat calls "Oooo look at that dog strutting! He's feeling good today!", it didn't do much else. Roscoe and I were always on adventures, and spent much of our time on our feet, moving around, which held the disease at bay. One might say, we were too busy dancing, to get knocked off our feet <3

Three years ago he burned his feet on the dock at the lake, and he was on bedrest for awhile to heal. I think that's when the disease really started to catch up with him. As he used his legs less and less over that summer they became less and less reliable. It didn't help that we had just moved into a house on a hill with sketchy terrain.... So his legs got worse, and he couldn't keep up as much. We started going to physical therapy once a week and it helped significantly, but overall I knew that his body was failing him.

At the beginning of this year, shortly after saying goodbye to his brother Duke, Roscoe stopped eating. I chalked it up to the loss of Duke and the lack of exercise he was capable of doing. He began to loose a bunch of weight, but eventually most of his appetite came back so I shrugged it off. By this point he couldn't walk on his own very well, so it made sense to me, the weight loss and loss of appetite. On August 14th, the day after his birthday, I left Roscoe at home with a friend while I was volunteering at the animal shelter and I got a call saying he was urinating blood. Four vet visits and two weeks later I was on the phone with his veterinarian. Roscoe lay at me feet, where he always lay and where I always put my feet.

"I'm not going to sugar coat it. It's not good."

"Please don't. Just tell me the truth"

"His entire abdomen is covered in tumors. They're on the abdomen wall, the kidneys, liver and his pancreas."


"How are you feeling right now?"

Her question caught me off guard. I could hear the concern in her voice from the get go, but this question was more than concern. It was genuine empathy.

"I don't know." And I started sobbing into the phone.

I'd like to back up real quick. The specialists gave us a quote for the visit before we took it, so I was prepared to start down the tumultuous financial journey ahead of us that day, knowing this was the first of many expenses to come. I called the office when I got home to pay the first bill and they told me it was already paid for.

I still don't know who paid it. But I wanted to shine a light on it and say thank you to whoever it was. You helped shine a light on my dark days. After the first vet visit with the regular vet, who didn't know what was wrong with Roscoe, I put the money issue aside. I promised myself I wouldn't fret over a dollar. And when whoever, paid for that first visit, it made it so much easier for my to uphold that promise to myself. So, whoever you are, thank you.

So we did all the stuff. We did the chemo and saw the oncologist and did the blood work and blah blah blah. By now though, months after his neurological disorder had taken most of him over, Roscoe could no longer walk by himself, at all. We walked three times a day to go potty, and on occasion we'd visit a friend, but my boy was mostly bedridden. My mom and dad bought him a 'Help 'em up' harness, which by the way, was amazing. Thank you #Helpemup. And that made going potty so much easier. But I was already using two hands to hold up his skinny body. It didn't take long for me to realize that he should no longer have to fight to live the way he had been. He deserved relief. So in early October I called the vet and made an appointment to say goodbye to him on the 15th. It gave me a little more than a week and a half to make sure I was comfortable with my decision and I was the anniversary of Dukes passing. Which, to me felt kind of beautiful.

After going off the chemo drugs Roscoe pretty quickly started to feel bad. He never complained or whined, but I could tell he was uncomfortable. My family was flying down to say goodbye to him, to be with me so I wouldn't be alone. on Monday, Thursday couldn't come soon enough.

So Thursday the 15th came. On the car ride to the vet I sat with Roscoe in the back of the car and pet his thick fur. He took a big inhale and exhale and I knew, that he knew, and that it was a good sigh. His work here, was done.


I wrote a little more about that day in a previous entry so I will stop there. I just wanted to tell the story of his health in a nutshell so everyone would know what happened to my Roscoe. I apologize that this newsletter has started off this way.

Next up: the candles. We really love the buzz these have caused and we've run out a few times already. The new supplies we ordered feature:

Cranberry Apply Marmalade

Blue Spruce


Peppermint Mocha

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Christmas Hearth

Place your orders now! These will run out fast and it is the last batch we will order this year. 1 for $15 or 2 for $24. These made a great gift, think stocking stuffer or hostess gift! We are offering to include a small handwritten note for FREE for any orders. Just let us know!


PIES. Yum! As the newsletter says, we're doing the work for you this year. Place your order for a homemade pie anytime between now and November 19th. Then choose your pickup day for the week of Thanksgiving.

You may pick up your fresh pie Monday the 23rd- Wednesday the 25th. Drop off option may be available- just ask.

Choose from Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie.

Need your pie to be vegan? We got you!

Need your pie to be gluten-free*? Our pumpkin has that option!

We're very excited for our pie drive. We will start taking orders this Monday. Keep an eye out on FB and IG for more info, or of course send us an email here at

That's all I have for today guys. This weekend I'll give you some more details on page 2! (Powder puff game. yay!) Thanks for reading.


*Gluten free pies will be made in the same kitchen as the rest of the pies. We will take precautions, however we cannot guarantee your pie does not come in contact with gluten.


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