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Novas News: Canned Vs Dry Food Vs Other

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Hey people hey. Nova here to talk dog food. Remember guys, this is just my professional opinion as a certified doggo. I'm gonna keep it simple for now because I think there's a long way to go in regards to feeding your doggo what's best for them. Like people, all doggos are different. Some food works for some, and some food works for others and feeding your doggo is something best done by doing research on YOUR doggo.

Anyway. Canned food is super yummy. Obviously. What I like about canned food is that it's super yummy and it has a lot of water it in. This is good for a few reasons; the main reason being that it helps keep doggos hydrated. Unfortunantely, sometimes, it also keeps our solids not so solid so getting fiber does become important. I know that my friend Roscoe is currently eating part wet food because he's been sick and it can be hard for some dogs to get proper hydration when they're sick so canned food has that perk for him from time to time.

Personally, I eat dry food. I love it! My mom feeds me one where real meat is the first ingredient and I think that's awesome. It's tasty, the tough crunchies help clean my teeth and I have solid solids. So kibble has my current star of favorite types of food. Go Kibble!

That being said, Other, is definitely a category. What are the Other dog foods? I think Human Grade food sounds awesome. I don't eat it myself, but my friend Kobe does but he swears that with every meal he licks the bowl clean. He can be persuasive. Kobe said that he eats dehydrated food- I did some digging and discovered that dehydrated food is easy to feed and incredibly healthy. Less expensive than you'd think too. There's also food that fresh AF that you can freeze and that sounds drool worthy too, but I noticed a few brands do leave out important things like sweet potatoes, rice, blueberries, etc, all things great for doggos and totally IS in my kibble. So knowing about nutrition sounds important if you want to know more about frozen dog food. This dehydrated stuff definitely needs looking into if you ask me...

There are many types of diets you could feed a dog. I have two friends who are vegan doggos and they're looking super good. They have very shiny coats and they are both super strong Rottweilers. It works perfectly for them!!

I don't know anyone on a raw diet, but that's definitely a doggo diet that many doggos and humans swear by. I can see it being good for many reasons- it being yummy and protein packed being just a few. However, as a certified doggo my experience doesnt extend to raw.... maybe I should take a class on it....

I'll tell you what, has a butt ton of dog diets! Go check them out.

Overall, I feel good about my diet as a medium sized, medium activity level doggo. I am happy and healthy and that is important to me! I am a good doggo.

Thanks for letting me sit my floof on the floor with you for a few and tell this story. Until next time doggo friends.



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